Thursday, 1 December 2022

Fat Bear Hat...

I knitted the Katmai hat from the book, Knitting the National Parks.  The bear seemed to turn out looking very well nourished - at least he is ready for hibernation!  This is a Christmas present for someone and had to be posted in a hurry to avoid strikes/Christmas rush, so does not have the faux fur pompom as shown in the pattern book.  The next ones (yes, plural, I've already had requests) will have the pompoms!

Not much else going on as far as arts & crafts - Mr.B has just had his second knee replacement surgery so I am tending to him while he is incapacitated, not much time left for painting unfortunately.

Sunday, 20 November 2022


Thankfully this year I do not have a slew of Christmas commissions - Mr.B is going in for his second knee replacement surgery next week and if it is anything like last time, I will not have the time to sit and paint.  I did get this lovely little commission though - it has been a long time since I painted a dog and I thoroughly enjoyed getting back in the swing of things with this little chap.  This has been painted in watercolour on paper and will be winging it's way to Boston very shortly.

My next commission will also be dogs - looking forward to it!  If you would like your pet painted, drop me a line, hopefully I shall be back to working as normal in the New Year.

Christmas Knitting...

I was in a quandary, I needed to get a Christmas present for a friend's husband that I have never met - so it seemed a good idea to knit him a hat!  It was also a good opportunity to test out one of the patterns from a new book, Knitting The National Parks.
I love the design of this one, particularly the clever flower shaped pattern onthe crown.  If fact, I like this hat so much I am knitting another one, reversing the colours - not sure who will be the recipient of that one though.

Monday, 7 November 2022

Not Otis...

 After painting two trinket boxes with a picture of Otis the bear on the lid, it was a welcome change to be asked to paint this gorgeous mother bear and cub.  This is bear 910 and her adorable little one, as seen at Brooks Falls, Katmai Nation Park, Alaska.

Because the lid painting is so light, I made the decision to paint the rest of the box a light blue to match the water rather than the usual black.  It's going to look good - I just have to add the lining fabric and it is done, well in time for Christmas.

I've also been fulfilling some more stuffed Otis orders and have more stuffed cub toys on the go. On the easel is a pet portrait - it's been a while since I did one of those!

Friday, 21 October 2022


I made a small floofy bear cub...he's already spoken for and off to the USA.  There will be more of these.

Tuesday, 18 October 2022

It's Finished!

 This has taken months and months of knitting, swearing and tearing of hair, but so worth it!  Can't wait to wear it, although the weather is not cold enough yet.

Thursday, 13 October 2022

The Holiday Let...

As soon as we found this rusty shack while exploring the countryside on the Isle of Wight, I knew I had to paint it.  So that is how I have spent the past couple of weeks, taking a break from bears and thoroughly enjoying the challenge of getting this right.  It is painted in watercolour, which can be a bit unforgiving if you make a mistake.  There was one area where I had been a little heavy handed with the masking fluid (I'm not telling you where!) and when it was removed I thought I had maybe ruined the whole picture.  But with a little work and a few touches of acrylic paint, you wouldn't know.

Apart from the building, I also enjoyed painting the little 'doorway' through the undergrowth into the next field, with the sun shining to illuminate it.  It makes you wonder what you would find if you followed the path...

This will be in my Etsy shop shortly once I have taken some decent photos of it in daylight.

Next up - back to bears...