Monday, 14 November 2011

The People's Potatoes - Now For Sale

After the book launch party of last week, I now have a box of books here for sale.  This book can be obtained through various other sources, but if you buy it here, I get to keep a little bit of commission!
As you can see, the book costs £20 (overseas buyers may like to buy it through my Etsy shop where the price is in dollars) plus post and packing. 
The book is a hardback, beautifully published with lovely glossy pages which show off my paintings really well.  Apart from the illustrations, the text is interesting and informative, with a first section telling you how to grow and look after your potato plants, and the second section containing a 'top 100' varieties of potato, with all my paintings.
There are 100 of them.....yes, 100 paintings which represent 18 months of my life!
I promise to sign each copy if you want me to, just let me know.  To order the book, either e-mail me at or go straight through Etsy.


Sue Doran said...

How can I resist, have just ordered my copy through Etsy, I am so looking forward to receiving it!

Nina said...

Great potato illustrations! Drawing some potatoes now, was looking for inspiration)