Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Pretty Flamingoes!

Finally finished this - it took a very long time, partly due to the subject matter and partly due t0 sheer exhaustion at the end of term. It is painted in acrylics on a stretched canvas - not my favourite of surfaces, but I had one that needed using up! I used a compilation of photographs kindly given to me by Alison as reference....I have a feeling a couple may be the same bird in different positions, but hey, a flamingo is a flamingo is a flamingo!

Not too sure what to paint now - I've been let down recently regarding a few prospective commissions, so I guess it's time to get some private work done for future exhibitons. I do wish that people had the courtesy to get in touch if they change their minds about commissioning a painting - it seems to be quite a common consensus that being an artist isn't a serious job, just something we dabble in, and that we don't depend on the income generated by our daubings. On the contrary - if you are counting on three commissions over the coming month and they all disappear, that is quite a chunk of money to miss out on. This is the main reason I can't afford to give up the day job!

While I'm on the subject, another thing that really gets me mad is the intake of breath when you tell someone the price of something you have created/are about to create. If you calculate the cost of materials, time taken, as well as the knowledge and expertise involved, I think you'll find that a great many artists and craftspeople work for far below minimum wage per hour. I could rant on, including the cavalier attitude some companies and individuals have towards paying for artwork on time.....but I won't! Suffice it to say, the image of a starving artist in a garret isn't too far removed from the truth on occasion!!

.....and relax!

Just to let you know, the next post will be containing a give-away - he's all ready, sitting on the desk waiting for his photo to be taken......


soggibottom said...

I've got the bear painting. Well one of us has to. I'm rubbish....
Caroline. Stick with it... beautiful work. I promise to tell ALL MY FRIENDS :-)

Boomka said...

I really like being judged by others. I don't lose my temper at all. Nope, I don't want to throw whole frozen chickens at their heads, nope, not at all. Glad we discussed it. I feel much better.

Magpie Magic said...

Fab painting - great depth and love the colours.

Fingers crossed people will learn to be more appreciative and respectful of artists after your rant... and as much as I agree with you, I am not holding my breath.