Thursday, 21 July 2016

Back To Work...

 Well, it took a few days to get the holiday washing done and the outstanding jobs out of the way, but we're back into the old routine now. I've had a few hours to devote to the chickens - I have to admit I spent far too long on the pearls as firstly we were experiencing a heatwave and inside the house was hot, sticky & uncomfortable and secondly, I just could not get them right.  Sorted now I think and I am working on the irridescent plumage of the black chicken now, much more fun.
 I've been experimenting with making little pendants full of the seaside - still in the prototype stage.
 After a false start with a super-glue incident turning the inside of the bulb milky white, I;ve got the look I want.  Now I have to wear the pendant for a few days to see if it will stand up to it and also to check nothing untoward happens.  I've already had one of them where the water has gone a but yellow for some reason, perhaps the cork?  Any suggestions welcome.
I'm hoping this works, as they are so pretty and a great reminder of our holiday.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Normal Service Has Been Resumed...

 We've just had a much needed week away, staying in Alderney, which is one of the Channel Islands.
 While the rain poured down back at home, we had plenty of sunshine and empty beaches.
 We sat and watched the gannets from the cliff top...
 ...strolled round the harbour...
...lazed in the sunshine digging sandcastles and got gently burnt to a crisp.  This was a busy day at the beach.

I caught up with old school friends, read endlessly, drank plenty of wine and beer and probably ate far too much.  It was just what we needed and while it was a wrench to come back home, I feel refreshed and ready to don the yoke once again....tomorrow!

Monday, 4 July 2016

It's Starting To Get Weird...

I am seriously having the best fun with this commission!

Saturday, 2 July 2016

All Kinds Of Everything...

 I've not had as much time to work on this chicken painting as I would have liked - we had a trip to the theatre this week which seemed to take up two days for some reason!  I'm really enjoying this - it's more an illustration than fine art, but I think that's the only route I could have taken with it as there are a lot of components to include.  I think I might paint a few more chickens when this is finished, they're fun!
 The bears are back at Katmai National Park, which means I've been watching the live cams and taking lots of photos for future paintings.  It's turning into a small obession again!
 While looking for something else in his tightly crammed cupboard, Bob discovered this pen and ink drawing I gave him many years ago.  I'd forgotten all about it.
 Last week I took part in an online drawing competion called SketchOff, run by WHSmith.  I won!  I got these two lovely books by way of a prize.
This was my drawing, done in an hour at high speed.  Tigers are one of my things though, I should be good at drawing them by now.

On the needles....weird stuff!