Friday, 23 January 2015

We're on Radio 4!

Over the past week or so, Radio 4 has been featuring knitting and asking for listeners to knit the schedule. We (that's nudinits) have several pictures included - see if you can spot them!

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Who's A Pretty Boy Then?

This is a little something I have been working on lately. It took longer to plan than to actually make - lots of lone dog walks while working out increases, decreases and shaping in my head.  The idea is that this pattern can be adapted and used to make any kind of parrot or macaw, depending on colours used and leaving off the crest of course.  Next thing to do - transcribe my scribbles into some kind of working pattern!

On the needles this week: little Valentine's things, but you'll have to wait to see them.

Coming up - I've long wanted to do a tutorial on how to paint on fabric with Inktense pencils and blocks.  Now that I will be making some calico cushion covers, it will be an ideal opportunity to kill two birds with one stone - watch this space.

Ready To Go!

Yesterday the divan was delivered and put into place. Today I filled the underbed storage with the duvet & pillows on one side and the majority of my yarn stash on the other.  Fancy wools have been kept separate in boxes on the shelves. I discovered all sorts of bits and pieces while I was sorting out boxes today - I'm not sure I will ever have time to knit with all theyarn I have accumulated over the years, which is a shame as there are some lovely skeins hidden away.

I just need to make a cover for the bed with a large piece of patchwork that I inherited when my mum died, and make some cushion covers - time to get tht sewing machine out and on the desk!

I have NEVER had anywhere to keep my materials before, let alone keep them all tidy and easily accessed. It really is so exciting and very timely, as there is plenty of work waiting in the wings.  I'm a very happy lady right now!

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Here & There

Here's a little something I have been working on whenever I get a spare minute, a lace scarf.  It's knitted in a soft varigated wool blend with a slight fuzzy haze on it.  It might take a while as I am busy with other things, but I think we're about half way there.
Proving how little I am aware of what goes on in our town, while dog walking with a friend of mine the other day I discovered a fabric and sewing shop had opened down a side street. I went in for a look yesterday and found out that it had been open for months.....  It was impossible to leave without buying a couple of remnants and some fat quarters.  Usually I buy fabric on a whim with nothing specific in mind, but these do actually have a purpose.
While I've always wanted one of those fancy wooden shed/studios out in the garden, this is not quite what I had in mind!  We (I say we, but my contribution came down to holding things and very little else) put this up yesterday and it will house boring things like the mower. I do get to paint it though - but not until it dries out, which could take a while.
Meanwhile, Clovis takes his job as sofa quality control inspector very seriously....

Thursday, 15 January 2015


Here is Wilbur No.2 - he turned out slightly different to Wilbur No.1, who knows why, yarn has a mind of it's own!  I think he looks more like the actual dog this time.
Last year I made this hat from Woodland Knits and gave it away as a Christmas present.  This year, I made one just for me.  You watch, there will be a heatwave now but I'm wearing it anyway!

Not Mushroom In There...

I could get used to this working from home malarkey!  A free morning while my daughter was out meant I could buckle down and finish this highly detailed coloured pencil drawing. It was fun but the tight detail was beginning to pall, so I am glad it's out of the way.

This was drawn using Faber Castell coloured pencils (wonderful things!) on The Langton Extra Smooth watercolour paper.  It's now for sale in my Etsy shop.

Next up....not sure, but nothing using coloured pencils for a while!

Throwback Thursday...

...or otherwise known as  thinly veiled touting for business!  It's got to be done I'm afraid, but it is an excuse to look back on some of my favourite commissions.

This was Sam, painted in acrylic, and I had such fun painting him.  Not just for the challenge of a wet dog, but those ripples on the water and the drip - heaven to work on!
This was a painting that seemed to have a life of it's own - it was done so quickly, I couldn't believe at the time that there were so few problems with it.  Again painted with acrylics.
This is Wrigley, a black cocker spaniel.  He is based on a real dog - I NEVER get tired of knitting dog replicas!
This was another fairly complicated little commission.  I'm not sure what I enjoyed the most, sewing the pugs or making that teeny tiny sofa!

No matter what medium I am working with, to be making and creating is the best!