Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Tree's Up!

We're a little late, but the tree is finally in place - we found the perfect little tree for our sideboard (it has to be out of the way of big doggy tail-wags!) and put it in place yesterday. Lovely to get out the old familiar decorations, some going as far back as when my children were babies.  Each one brings back happy memories and I am glad I thought to keep them when we had to leave Greece with virtually nothing but the shirts on our backs some 20 years ago.

It's been a busy week - my son moved out (finally!) last weekend which was surprisingly emotional for me. I'm so pleased he is able to afford to go at last and start his life properly, but it was sad too.

I've been knitting madly, trying to get the last Christmas bits done for Nudinits - you'll have to check out their advent calendar on Twitter and Facebook to see what I've been up to.

Nothing on the easel at the moment - no time!  I'm hoping during the Christmas period I will be able to get the paints out. I miss it.

Tomorrow is the last day at the day job - after 11 years, that too will be quite a wrench.  However, I am not enjoying my current role there, I don't feel I am contributing anything other than being a childminder which makes me very unhappy, so it is definitely time to go. I am extremely excited to be starting a new chapter in my life, hopefully making a go of the arts and crafts full time.  There are some interesting things scheduled for next year - who knew naughty knitting could lead to a career change!

So, lots of changes this month - it all seemed to happen at once.  Perhaps 2015 will be a good year to make up for 2014!

Monday, 15 December 2014

Jolly Holidays...

This week I have been mostly knitting balloons...

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Ready To Go!

Knitted replica pet - Wilbur by name!
Everything faithfully reproduced in miniature, even his funny little toy.
He'll be winging his way to his new home shortly.

If you'd like your pet made in yarn, get in touch - not for Christmas though! Too late.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

This Dog Is Just For Christmas!

I'm so busy at the moment, I feel like a headless chicken!  As usual, Christmas snuck up on me, despite the early start on the tv and in the shops, and panic is starting to set in.

I got a lovely last minute commission to recreate this little dog and his accessories.  His name is Wilbur and here he is, still a work in progress - I have to fluff his fur up with a wire brush...I have to go and buy a wire brush...and he needs his knitted coat and toy.  I have to make two of him, but the second one is not until after Christmas - phew!

I've been knitting little Christmas items like crazy in order to keep up with the Nudinits advent calendar - perhaps we should have thought of this some time back in August, but never mind!

Talking of Nudinits, there are lots of things in the pipeline for next year - it's all getting quite exciting.  I think I quit the day job at the right time -  one more week to go!

Friday, 5 December 2014

It's Not Always A Happy Christmas...

Here's a little film that highlights a previously unknown practice that takes place every year at this time.
Warning, contains scenes of vegetable cruelty that some viewers may find upsetting.

Yes, I did indeed sew twenty felt brussels sprouts!

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Throwback Thursday

There are lots of projects going on, but as I am unable to show them at present, here's one I made earlier!  A LOT earlier!  I think this was the first acrylic I painted of an animal that I looked at afterwards and thought, hey, I can really do this!  It's very special to me and hangs in my living room as a reminder of that moment, many years ago.  I don't think I will ever sell it - for one thing I used a photograph from a book as a reference and that's a strict no-no as far as sales are concerned now.  But it is also a painting I look at when I have a crisis of confidence (happens more often than you would think!) and it helps me buck my ideas up!

No paintings on the easel at the moment as there really isn't the time in the Christmas run-up.  Plenty on the needles though - Christmas miniatures and replica dogs!

Two weeks left at the day job and I'm not regretting the decision to leave - just cannot wait to get my new routine started!

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Busy Bee!

Here's a little Christmas commission, hot off the needles! It's a felt flower brooch with a little knitted bumble bee perched on top.
The bee is about an inch long, but although he is so tiny, he still has eyes, legs, antennae and gauzy wings.  There was some very unlady-like language going on as I struggled with those legs!
The flower is made from two shades of stiffened felt, cut and sewn on to a brooch back.

He'll be winging his way to Denmark tomorrow - by post though, not under his own steam!