Monday, 6 April 2020

Turning Japanese...

This little beauty is part of a current commission - I have to make 11 more...

Sunday, 5 April 2020


 While all this virus malarkey is going on, I still had a couple of commissions to do.  I finished this cute little wooden trinket box a couple of days ago - it has a picture of the bear 902 Peanut on it.  It was nice to paint a bear other than Otis for a change, and seeing as I have nowhere to go, I spent a lot more time on it than I would have normally.
 Instead of painting the rest of the box black as with the Otis boxes, I decided to paint it to look a bit like water, with shades of blue & green.
As the box is smaller than the usual ones, it wouldhave been impossible to line it with cotton fabric entirely, so I used a greeny-blue felt for the sides and lid, with a piece of fishy cotton fabric for the bottom of the base.

The only sad thing is that due to the recipient's location, I can't send this until their country's lockdown is relaxed.

The other commission is a watercoluor of a bear - looking forward to that.

Saturday, 28 March 2020


As we are stuck at home on lock down, it's time to get on with some outstanding jobs.  With the weather being so beautiful, one of the first things to get done was to tidy up the patio and give it a jet wash - after the wet and miserable winter, the paving stones were slimy and filthy.

Then we put the new plant stand in place and I potted up some ranunculus & violas that I had bought before the lockdown.  I was very pleased with how it looks - now we just need all those flowers to come out and cheer us up!
 We have been waking up at ridiculously early times this week - stress I think - but on Tuesday it was a good opportunity to watch a pair of dunnocks courting in the curly hazel right outside the living room window.
 I'm assuming it was the male that was doing all the posturing and posing, fluttering his wings like crazy while perched on top of the small tree.
The female seemed to like his efforts, they were hopping and fluttering around each other on the patio.  Perhaps they will nest in the garden?  We already have a pair of bluetits nesting, and possibly a pair of coaltits.  At least with the lockdown the noisy brats next door aren't crashing around quite so much and our garden is a peaceful haven for the birds most of the time.  Thank goodness we have the garden and a few fields behind the house to enjoy in the sunshine when we can.

Friday, 27 March 2020


Finsihed this yesterday - three weeks worth of crocheting furiously in the evening.  It's been therapeutic and thankfully has also turned out very pretty!  Will probably end up in my Etsy shop at some point.

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Some Bears...

Although I'm finding it hard to concentrate at the moment, there is a bit of work getting done.  This is a hand painted pebble, with a picture of a bear cub on it.  The pebble is from Brooks Camp shoreline, Alaska, and will be a gift for a lady who is currently in self isolation and could do with a bit of cheering up.
 It has taken me twice as long as usual, but this box was completed yesterday.  Another picture of Otis the bear in his office!
I've lined it with a different fabric this time, still with the fish theme,  This is currently for sale in my Etsy shop.

Apart from that, I seem to be cleaning a lot, washing a lot, feeling anxious a lot, crocheting that blanket, and trying to retain some semblance of normality with everyone home indefinitely.

Stay safe and well people.

Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Keep Calm & Crochet On...

We are currently living in very worrying times and with my daughter having Downs Syndrome & very susceptible to chest infections, I'm having a hard time keeping things in perspective.  However, when I am nervous or fretful, it always helps me to either paint or craft.  I've not really been able to concentrate much on painting but have got some done at least.  In the evenings I have been crocheting throws like a mad thing - the repetative movements of the granny square stitch are very soothing and also stop me fiddling with my face!  I'm using Papatya wool cake yarns - the pink & blue one is called Unicorn and the teal/brown one is Spirit.  Goodness knows how big they will get in the end!

Stay safe people!

Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Haven't Done This For A Long Time...

 I find knitting repetative patterns very soothing and a good stress-busting tool.  Lord knows we need anything that can keep us calm at the moment!  I bought some yarn cakes a few weeks ago that were at a ridiculously low price and was pleasantly surprised to receive them and see how very nice the yarn was.  The next problem was to find a project to use them on.  I have a book of patterns of items that can be knitted using one skein so picked this triangular scarf as the first project.  It has turned out very nicely but I am a little disappointed it did not use all the colours in my yarn cake!  The next shade would have been white which really makes the other colours pop.
However, that's just me, the scarf itself is very pretty indeed, soft and warm.  The yarn is an 80/20% acrylic wool mix so should be hard wearing too.  The shade was called Unicorn - not sure why!
This is currently for sale in my Etsy shop.