Sunday, 17 November 2013

Where Did That Week Go?

I guess it must be the run up to Christmas, but I have been incredibly busy over the past week.  I had a rush job painting commission to complete - which I am afraid I cannot show, but it was a toucan that I had to paint using only 8 watercolour pencils - grear fun!  Then there was this little stag's head to be knitted - all done and ready to go now.
I am in the middle of sewing this little felt saluki - he is based upon an actual dog that lives in Canada.  I have had to adapt an existing pattern and construct grey patches to  match his markings.  The real dog has had his ears cut off while he was living in Qatar - barbaric practice, and I am glad he was rescued!  This dog has both ears...
I have another commission to make 2 felt pugs, but also had to find the time to use the last of the apples from our tree to make some chutney. 

It's all go - I wouldn't have it any other way!

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