Friday, 2 September 2016

A Very Quick Kitty...

 This commission came about in a kind of funny way - I got an email from a lady enquiring about my knitted/felt cats and referencing a conversation we'd had.  Now, I know I am usually fairly pre-occupied and a bit scatterbrained, but I'm pretty sure I've never forgotten an enquiry about a prospective bit of work.  So I replied, saying as much, and telling her what I do make.
 She admitted she had confused me with someone else, but asked to see photos of my work - and then asked me to knit a replica of her cat and could I do it by the end of the week!  So here he is, Tenant.
 I haven't made one of these for a while, I'd forgotten how much fun it is assembling all the pieces and seeing a little character emerge.
 He also has a felt and fabric bed, plus a food bowl.  If I'd had more time, I'd have thrown in a bag of 'food' and a toy as well but he had to be in the post yesterday.
I can knit your cat too - just drop me a line!

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