Tuesday, 7 February 2017

January In A Nutshell...

 It feels like I didn't do much throughout January, but on the other hand I did an awful lot.  This was the last painting in the series of square animal portraits, a raccoon.  Acrylic on board and about to go into my Etsy shop.  I haven't touched a paintbrush since as I have been trying to sort out the finished kitchen.  Once the workmen had left, it was up to me to then bring all the boxes and books downstairs once more, sort them out and find homes for everything.
 This was hampered half way through by a nasty head cold which took the stuffing out of me for a few days. However, as of last weekend, I think we can consider the room done.
 We added a few extra touches - a shelf here, a couple of small cupboards there, and I was able to hang the pictures in some semblance of order rather than willynilly as they were before.
 It's all very white and clean looking - which is what I was after as I am quite an untidy person by nature, so this way I am forced to keep up appearances!
So far it is working very well indeed and I can't quite believe the amount of space we have - I threw away very little considering the amount of 'stuff' we have.  We seem to have gained a fair amount of extra cupboard space - either that or I am being better organised!  Whatever the reason, I am thoroughly enjoying our new look!

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Sue Doran said...

No matter how much cupboard space you have, it all gets used up. I had tons of space when we came to this house and now there is none at all left! It does look fabulous and worth all the disruption. The aqua/purple glass items on your kitchen window sill are super!