Monday, 22 January 2018


 These two peony paintings were a commission last year.  The lady that commissioned them was a previous customer and had been good at communicating and paid on time.  However, when I had completed the first painting and notified her, I was told there had been a death in the family and that she'd get back to me.
Well, she never did, and I was left with two paintings and no money.  Foolishly, as she had been fine the first time, I did not bother getting a deposit.  I waited a respectful while then contacted her again saying that both paintings were complete and that she could purchase them when she was ready.  No reply...and no reply to all further emails, culminating two months later in a final one saying that I was going to try and sell the paintings separately if possible.

I can understand that a bereavement would throw everything else onto the back burner, and I can understand that circumstances change.  What I don't understand is why someone doesn't have the courtesy to write a couple of lines apologising and explaining that they don't want the paintings any more - I'm a reasonable person, things happen that are beyond our control and we have to deal with them as best we can, I would not have been angry about the hours of time and effort I put into painting these.

I am now.

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Anonymous said...

justifiably so!
Why is it that common courtesy communication is not common courtesy any more?