Friday, 19 July 2019

Latest Pet Portrait...

I have been busy over the past couple of weeks, just nothing to show here really.  However, I have just finished this commissioned double pet portrait.  I have used Derwent coloured pencils as usual on coloured pastel paper.

The big news is that after only a couple of months on the hospital waiting list, I have been scheduled to have my first cataract operation in a fortnight.  I started developing a cataract in my left eye several years ago - early as I am only in my fifties - and then was told after a couple of years that one was developing in my right eye as well.  Initially they did not bother me, but over the past year I have struggled to see in the evenings when working under electric light, have not been able to drive at night because the cataracts cause the lights to refract weirdly, and whites are starting to look beigey-pink.  Not good when you are an artist by trade!  Thankfully I have a brilliant optician who understood completely my distress and who asked my GP to refer me to a specialist.  The specialist listened to my litany of woes and put me straight on the waiting list.  I will have both lenses in my eyes replaced and if all goes well, hopefully will not need glasses any more other than for reading.  I am both scared & excited!

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