Wednesday 8 May 2024

Radio Silence...

 Apologies for being MIA for the past month or so - I have been working on a knitting pattern for Nudinits which has taken up a fair bit of my time as it is very complicated to design.  Unfortunately I cannot show it, has to be kept under wraps for now!

Talking of Nudinits, we were all over the media last week after a pair of knitters in Shepton Mallet used our patterns to create a display of naked Morris dancers in a charity shop window.  Someone passing by objected to seeing woolly naughty bits and complained...and the rest is history!  Great publicity for Nudinits once they started to mention the book that the patterns came from rather than assuming the ladies came up with the designs themselves. Read all about it here

As for painting, I am suffering the worst case of artist's block, just totally uninspired.  Rather than sit and gaze out of the window miserably at the rain, I decided to paint another Otis trinket box - this one just needs lining with fabric then it will go into my Etsy shop.  Hopefully with the recent sunshine I will feel more like putting brush to paper.

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