Sunday, 31 August 2008

Oh No........

..........there's plop on my biscuit!

I'm sorry, this still amuses's been a long summer! Just as a matter of interest, Plop is the Belgian name for the can even go and visit Plop Land, and get a t-shirt with plop on it too - the possibilities for juvenile fun are endless!

I've been working hard this week - more potato paintings and knitting the pineapple yarn shawl. Nothing I can show unfortunately, although the shawl should be finished by this evening. Yesterday I received in the post some banana silk (yes, really made from the banana plant) which I am looking forward to playing with. I've really got the taste for unusual yarns lately - I have also bought some baby camel wool - simply gorgeous, soft and fluffy but with a whiff of the farmyard about it - hopefully that will wash out!

I promise next time I will have something more interesting to display!

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fhiona galloway said...

I'd like to visit Plop land! he he!