Monday, 15 December 2008

Kidsilk Night - best yarn ever!

It's been a long time in the making as I've had to do other things lately, but I finally finished a scarf using Rowan Kidsilk Night in a soft blue-grey. I've knitted a kind of honeycomb lacy pattern and strung the odd AB grey-blue seed bead here and there along the way. It has turned
out beautifully, light as air and with that slight sparkle incorporated in the wool.

Not too sure where this is going yet - maybe a Christmas present, maybe on my shop. If you'd like it, e-mail me and it will cost you £15 plus p&p.

My son ordered some books from Amazon JP for presents and I thought it a golden opportunity to go halves on postage and get yet more craft books. Can't wait to have a proper look inside! With any luck after today I will have finished my calendar work and actually have some free time to myself!!


Magpie Magic said...

Ooops, thought I'd commented on that. The scarf is beautiful. Love the colour and shimmer. The little dogs in the book and the toys in the cotton time magazine look like fun to make.

So glad you managed to finish all your calender pics. Hopefully you now can enjoy Christmas properly.

miko said...

Hi Caroline.
Wonderful horse portraits...of course Ive no idea if they look like the horses intended!! Same applies to your spuds of course;-) !! 60 odd more you say?? No idea there were that many spuds species on the planet! youll have to do a kids book a subtle encouragement to eat spuds. Cant stand them myself!