Sunday, 1 May 2011

May Day!

Uh-oh......something's brewing.........
Oh well, at least he did it in the litter tray and not on the carpet.

For anyone interested, cat poo is knitted using brown yarn and the I-cord method with 3 stitches.  When you have just over an inch of brown I-cord, cast off and use the yarn tail to sew the cord into a life-like coil of poo. Weave in yarn ends.  There you go, a tutorial....don't say I never do anything for you.

Happy May Day by the way - did any of you get up at dawn and wash your face in the morning dew to ensure year-long beauty? Nah, me neither, especially as I couldn't guarantee that the dog didn't get to the grass first! 


Houseelf said...

Nor here either. I often go back home and hear Magdalen Choir and spend a sleepy 1st Sunday in May at Nuneham Courtney Arboretum taking photos of the bluebell wood. This year it wasn't to be though.

Cat poo- cheers! Could've done with that idea before April 1st and knitted a big pile in chunky yarn. Hee hee.

Magpie Magic said...

God you've been busy! Can't keep up. Was busy going to the seaside and digging up the allotment... Cute little kitty. :-) xoxo