Thursday, 5 May 2011

What a Difference a Frame Makes.....

It is always so suprising to me to see the difference between one of my paintings as it is, just paper, and then when it is behind glass in a decent frame.  I am so pleased with the above painting  especially as the frame itself was quite a bargain and yet exactly what I was looking for. I almost don't want to put it up for sale in the exhibition tomorrw.....
I was quite lucky this time round that I had frames at home that suited all the paintings - couldn't have found a better match for this one either.

Or this one - and I managed to frame everything for once without a bit of dust or a dog hair sneaking behind the glass when I have already taped the backing down!
So if you would like to see these in the flesh, come to the Fleet & District Art Exhibition at the Harlington Centre in Fleet from tomorrow until Sunday.

My next post will be my 700th - have I waffled for that much?  I'm thinking about a giveaway...any requests?


soggibottom said...

I wouldn't put any of them up for sale if I were that talented. I tend to want to keep all the bears too, but you can't keep everything.
They all look quite sensational.

You waffle ? :-):-)
My word 700th post ?
Think you just have a lot to say :-)

Good luck with your District Art Exhibition. REALLY WANT TO BE THERE AND SEE FOR MYSELF.

Sue said...

700 posts! Isn't it amazing how much we have to say?
I'd say you found the perfect frames. I'm always fascinated at what a difference various mats and frames make to the picture as a whole. Some make the painting pop and others soften it. It's so much fun to play with them till the right combination comes together.

Magpie Magic said...

Wow! They look great. Love the wave image and the way it looks all framed up. Fabulous! Good luck at the exhibition. Hope you get lots of sales. xo

PS. I have almost as many posts. LOL

Houseelf said...

Good luck with the exhibition. You have so much talent. I hope they sell well. The driftwod feeling of the sea frame is perfect for it, as are the earthy tones for the African ones.

Congrats on having a nearly 700th post!