Saturday, 7 April 2012

Happy Easter!

Stacie and I made a Simnel Cake...that's just a fancy name for a fruit cake with marzipan on the top!  It was fun to cook together though, and later I had a chance to play with my cook's blowtorch in order to toast the marzipan. 

Look at all that chocolate!  Luckily, with my other half working in Belgium (the land of chocolate...) we have some fancy Easter eggs at sensible prices.  Thank you too to Aldi for their sweet little replica gold bunnies for 99p as opposed to a certain other company charging over £4 per rabbit.....
Looks like I shall be spending Easter working, with deadlines looming I can't afford to take time off.  Painting isn't work though, I'd happily do that any time.

Have a Happy Easter whatever you are doing and go easy on the choccy!

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Magpie Magic said...

Happy Easter Caroline! Your cake looks fab. I've been ill all week and haven't managed to do any baking for Easter this year. :-( Have a lovely day with your intriguing looking painting. :-) xoxo