Thursday, 14 June 2012

Garden Matters.....

It looks like I shouldn't have thrown in the towel quite so early regarding participating in another tomato race with Soggibottom blog!  From conversations with Midge, it would appear that I have won this year!  It may only be 'a' tomato, but it's one more than she has got at the moment - her husband says it doesn't count until it's red, but I'm just happy it got this far.
We also have some of these which are stunning when open but need the sun to do so, so we haven't seen much of them lately.  Oh look, a bug - didn't notice that!
It looks like we will have another bumper crop of grapes this autumn too - great, more grape jelly!

On the easel at the moment, a swan which has reached that stage in the proceedings where I want to throw it away.  I know it will be fine when finished, the middle is always tricky and open to a crisis of confidence.

On the needles  - various items of small clothing for puppets and a bloodhound head to be designed - gulp!


Elizabeth Braun said...

Re-organise your craft stash? Sounds like fun!

Sadly, I very much doubt your son will think to get you some fabrics for you for 2 reasons: men *don't* tend to think of this sort of thing - they usually think we have more than enough already (whatever gave them THAT idea??); and you also have to know where to look - he'd need the address of the market which does these offcuts etc.

Still, who knows??

Soggibottom said...

I'm catching up on blog posts :-)
Also catching up with tomato plants :-)
:-) X X X