Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Dog's Life..

Clovis is a very big dog and as such, takes up a lot of sprawl room.  Every bed he has ever had has started out all nice and shaped with sides that stand up making it cosy.  After a few weeks, the sides have collapsed, the base has been squashed and lumpified by him digging at it trying to get comfortable and the whole thing is worse than useless. 

For a few weeks now I have been looking in pet shops and round about for a new bed for him and was not happy about the price I would have to pay for something that would be a wreck by the end of the summer.
However, while trawling through Amazon (over 1500 dog beds for sale.....good grief!) I came across a piece of off-cut memory foam that was just the right size and cost.......£6 plus postage!  It came today and has been covered with an old cotton throw plus his favourite blankie and seems to be well accepted.  Try and keep it tidy Clovis!


fhiona galloway said...

excellent Caroline! We have the same problem with our dog's bed. he's had so many over the years and at the mo' we've got several thicknesses of carpet underlay inside a zipped cover. Mind you I don't know why we bother...he tends to sleep all over the place anyway! tee hee!

Soggibottom said...

I'm sure Clovis will do just that and keep it sparkly :-) x x x