Saturday, 11 August 2012

Fishing For Compliments.....

The rockpool is finally finished - this is such a fun project!  I think I could probably elaborate more with it, but as it is for someone's birthday which is fast approaching, it's time to stop knitting rocks and get on with making the residents of this little pool.  I think the only problem there will be knowing when to stop - I love knitting little sea-creatures so much, I'll have to restrain myself from over-populating the place!

Also on the needles, a small desk (yes, we're back to furniture again) and a wolverine mascot scarf.
There is another dog portrait on the go as well - busy, busy!


Jo said...

Wow - what a fantastic rock pool - I knew you would totally surpass the very basic picture in my head -it'll be a lively place once populated and attended by my 5 year old! Fabulous x

Magpie Magic said...

So cool! :-)