Thursday, 16 August 2012

Water, Water, Everywhere.....

This is the rockpool play set just about complete.  I've knitted a few more inhabitants - look carefully and you'll see a crab, a cuttlefish, a starfish and a very small hermit crab.  The base has had a sheet of felt glued on to cover the stitching and the whole lot has been wrapped in copious amount of bubblewrap and posted off ready for a little girl's birthday.  There will be a subsequent parcel with a few more fish later on.
I really enjoyed making this - it was quite an unusual commission, but so much fun.  Left to my own devices, I could have made this very complicated and spectacular, but you have to consider just how much you will end up charging the customer!

Yesterday we had a day out, playing tourists up in London.  In a couple of week's time we will be attending the Paralympics equestrian event, so we thought we'd have a bit of a trial run up to Greenwich and visit the newly restored tea clipper, the Cutty Sark.
Unfortunately, I clean forgot to take a picture of the outside of the ship - whoops! This is a view of a British warship from one of the portholes though...
Stacie always enjoys playing Captain Jack Sparrow whenever she can...
We wondered what ship had this little chap as it's figurehead?
After a very enjoyable morning on the ship followed by a lunch of jerk chicken and goat curry from a stall in Greenwich market, we took a river cruise back to Waterloo.
It is fascinating to see that little Dickensian corners like this still exist - can't you just imagine Bill Sykes scarpering among those houses?
We were very excited to see the Olympic rings hanging from Tower Bridge, even though by this time the rain was coming down hard.
We saw the Tower of London...
..and the replica of The Golden Hind, Sir Francis Drake's ship.

I think we need to pay a visit to this ship too, now there Stacie could really imagine she was in Pirates of the Caribbean!

A really fun day and a welcome break from the stack of work I've been wading through!

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Sharon Whitley said...

What a fabulous rock pool - gosh the birthday girl is in for a wonderful surprise. It's been a looonnnng time since I visited London, even though I'm a country girl at heart I do enjoy visiting the big cities - not for too long though lol!! I would like to go to London and visit the sight and maybe watch a musical! I remember the Cutty Sark from a primary school trip years and years ago!