Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Shells & Snow

As planned, this painting was completed yesterday - when it reaches the point that you are going over the same things again and again, it's time to stop!  I'm quite pleased with this - it doesn't have exactly the misty feel of the reference photographs, but I do feel I have captured that pink morning light through the trees which was the intention.  This was painted in acrylic on canvas board which was first treated with gesso as I hate the texture of canvas! 

The painting will be on sale in my Etsy shop shortly.

A long time ago, over 2 years I think, I got a commission to crochet seaweed...yards and yards of it with shells and various pieces of flotsam and jetsam woven into it.  This was to be used as part of a frame for a mirror.  This week I was kindly sent photos of the completed mirror by the lady who commissioned me, somewhere in the depths of Texas. I think you'll agree it has turned out to be jaw-droppingly beautiful!  She commissioned another artist to make the shell-encrusted frame - a very clever lady!  I wonder how she did it...I'd like one of these in my home too!

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Magpie Magic said...

The painting is wonderful and I love the light and the colours. Definitely a triumph! :-) I remember you mentioning the shells and crochet. Turned out well. xoxo

Jan Wiese said...

This is MY mirror and I'm so proud of it. The picture I took and sent to Caroline doesn't do it justice. It has over a thousand shells on it and Caroline's crocheted seaweed, which was beautiful and the artist, Dean Deerfield, said MADE the mirror. I haven't any artistic talent, so I rely on others. The two corners of the mirror are piled deep with shells, pearls, sea glass, floats, and all kinds of things from the sea. It weighs a ton. Thank you Caroline, for your addition to my mirror and the lovely shawls I have made by you. It is a pleasure talking to you, too. I so admire your talent.
From the depths of Texas,
Jan Wiese