Sunday, 28 July 2013

What A Load Of Rubbish!

I've had to knit some pretty pedestrian things over the past couple of years for the animated film - this is the latest.  However, sometimes the most ordinary of objects prove to be some of the trickiest to replicate in yarn. The lid for this 'galvanised' bin took a whole evening to work out, especially as it had to be working.
I'm starting to see clips of animation now as it is slowly getting made, and it is fascinating to see all my hard work in motion.  The attention to detail with such things as bins, magazines, ornaments and even litter, is what makes the whole thing even more watchable.  I guarantee any enthusiastic knitter will watch the completed film and be exclaiming 'They didn't! They did! Wow!' as they notice not just the action but the scenery too. I've been knitting the fiddly bits, but the mammoth work of houses, trees, scenery and the incredible puppets has all been knitted by Sarah, the animator.  No wonder we've been at this for over two years now!

The most exciting part so far for me has been seeing animals that I knitted come alive on the screen - a couple of woolly dogs doing what dogs do when they meet each other had me yelping with joy the other day.
Hopefully it won't be too long before everyone gets a chance to see them too!

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