Thursday, 4 July 2013

When Things Don't Quite Go To Plan...

Believe it or not, this is eventually going to be a small Tibetan terrier.  It has been knitted with lovely soft eyelash yarn, but the eyelash part is very long.  I have already trimmed it quite considerably but need to wait until the whole dog is complete before giving it a final haircut.  Not as easy as first imagined!

Had a bit of a disaster as far as the knitted car is concerned - I have knitted two wheel arches and a wing....then discovered I'd used the wrong yarn!  It is very similar to the yarn I had chosen, almost identical in colour but the problem is that I only have one ball of it!  That's what comes of being over-tired and not checking!  Never mind, at least it is straight knitting, nothing complicated, and easily rectified if a little time consuming.
This is my poor dog on watch yet again.  After 7 months of having builders encamped next to our house and nearly four months of having them in and out of our house (must be the longest time in creation it has ever taken to build a small porch...), he is very nervous and barks at the slightest sound outside.  We try to keep him calm as he was never like this before - I feel sorry for him and hope that when they eventually leave he will return to the laid-back couch potato he used to be.
Interestingly, I discovered the whole renovations project on our estate should actually have been finished at the end of March.  As it is now July, I'm not impressed!  No wonder we are all feeling incredibly tetchy.
We saw the first couple of wasps yesterday on our patio.  Time to get the crochet wasp[inator out and see if it works.  I must say that even if it doesn't work, I am rather liking how it looks hanging from our pergola!

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Magpie Magic said...

I am really intrigued by your waspinator. What an ingenious idea! Poor dog. It's hard for them. I remember my cats suffering with all the building work next door. :-( xoxo