Thursday, 10 April 2014

I Live In Hell, How About You?

Let's get the nice things done first shall we?  I've been very taken with this month's edition of Making magazine - lots in there that I wanted to try my hand at.  The first thing was these crochet Easter Eggs - very simple, the pattern was almost identical to most Amigurumi body patterns.  What makes them special is the addition of a few strands of blue embroidery thread - I'm very fond of blue and white together, reminds me of happier days when I used to live in Greece.
Then there was the tiny teaset made from Fimo - I had Fimo to hand so decided to give it a go yesterday while there was Armageddon going on outside.  I discovered that modelling is probably not my forte, especially as I currently have a trapped nerve in my shoulder which is making my right thumb numb - a bit like doing everything with a bandage on it.  I still have to put the little blue designs on the white pieces, then varnish them.  The magazine makes a charm bracelet out of them but I am not sure my cups would stand up to the wear and tear of being on a wrist.
I've bought a lot of scraps and fat quarters of gorgeous fabric lately but have no idea what to use them for.  I fancy making a little dress from some of the florals with lace trims, but first I have to make something to wear the dress.  So here's a half-finished bear!

I also have knitting to be getting on with and would love to do some painting, but let me explain the title of this post and you'll see why creativity is at an all time low this week.
Remember how my garden looked this time last week? Starting to grow and look pretty. Well, not for long it wasn't.
See the digger looming over the wall? And the fact that half our ivy has been cut away? Well, this is what happened yesterday...
First hole, plus the complete annihilation of my varigated shrub - 'Well, the way it was stuck to the wall, there was nothing we could do about it'.  Cheers mate, I specifically asked for that one to be saved.
All garages demolished and as a result, our garden open to the world.  The driver of this digger thought it appropriate to slam the head of the digger into the concrete flooring over and over again yesterday afternoon, causing our house to shake like an earthquake, glasses rattling on the shelves, the whole place vibrating from the ground up.
This is how we were left last night - at least they saw fit to give us a wire fence to keep the dog in and the local feral kids out.
Nice view, huh?  We have been promised a new fence today - let's hope it happens.  They turned up at 8a.m. this morning and have been banging and crashing nicely ever since, but as yet none of the foundation-rattling bangs.    So, yes, I am living in hell this week - the dog is off his food, my nerves are shot to pieces and my poor garden is a mess.  It's not always lovely in blogger land, sometimes reality bleeds through and crafting just isn't enough to block it out!


fhiona galloway said...

oh that's is awful for you Caroline. Hope you and your doggy can learn to cope over the next few weeks. Your garden looks like a little haven too. hope the new fence goes up sharpish.
Cute knitted eggs and fimo tea set and little ted :0))

WendyCarole said...

How awful. I hope they provide a nice tall robust fence.

Magpie Magic said...

You have been busy despite all the mayhem. It's dreadful is what it is all that noise. I feel for you. Hugs. xoxox