Saturday, 18 October 2014

I Love Jellyfish!

So, suffering from withdrawal symptoms now that the animation work is over, I decided I wanted to design a knitted jellyfish.  It was not that hard to do - I have painted enough of them to know what they look like!

I chose a pretty varigated cotton yarn, although I kind of wish I'd used something else that was not quite so stripy.  Still, this has turned out well enough and at least Ihave the pattern written down so can always make another.
The top part looks a little like a hat...
The underneath was knitten in some dark blue cotton yarn, and the dangly bits were crocheted in the same.

This is just about life-size and hangs from a piece of clear line.  I've popped it in my Etsy shop already!
I'm still hammering away at this dog portrait - it's very tricky but enjoyable nonetheless.  I showed it as it is to a friend of mine who knew the dog while it was alive and it would appear I have managed to capture a likeness, so I can continue with my mind at ease!


Freya Rose Blossom said...

THE DOG is a beautiful princely black Labrador.... I would love to know IT'S name :-) x x x

Caroline B said...

He's called Ted and is actually a chocolate lab - you see my problem! I thought from the photo that he was black too!