Sunday, 12 October 2014

Where's Your Head At? Giveaway Result

What can I say?  I can only apologise for totally forgetting the giveaway draw on Saturday - that's what happens when you are having 'fun' cleaning the house, shopping and recovering from half a bottle of Beaujolais the night before!

So although the entrants were few, I picked a number with my eyes shut and the winner was Nicky Sayers - hooray!  If you can get back to me using the email at the top of the page with your address, I will pop the painting in the post to you.


I have finally seen the full animation, as well as the logo clip that caused such headaches, and cannot wait until it can be shown to everyone else - just two more weeks to go.  I saw things in the film that I had forgotten I'd made, it's been so long!  It's starting to get exciting - for now though, all I can do is direct you to the website.

Currently on the needles: a shawl and I am very bored with it now as I have an idea for something else more interesting.

Currently on the easel; double dog portrait in acrylics

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