Thursday, 5 March 2015

Blue Jellyfish No.10

 I find it hard to believe I have painted ten of these blue jellyfish over the years, all because of some photos we took at the New England Aquarium in Boston.  It's not just the watercolour paintings, I've painted jellyfish on ties as well - perhaps I should get around to t-shirts too!

This has been painted in watercolours using a limited palette of Cerulean blue, indigo and purple.  I used clingfilm to get the rippled effect on the background, and salt on the fronds of the jellyfish to add a lacy texture.  No matter how many different versions of this I paint, it never gets boring.  This is now for sale in my Etsy shop.
A couple of weeks ago I forgot to buy filo pastry and had to make my own Greek pastry for a spinach pie.  It was so nice, I decided to do it again today.
Look, not a soggy bottom in sight! This and home made lentil soup are on the menu this evening.
A year ago, our garden looked like this.
Then for a very long time, it looked like this.
Now it looks like this - we finally have trellis fixed to the fence and are ready to grow whatever will shield us from this:
Short of putting up a twenty foot fence, nothing is going to prevent us from being overlooked, but at least we have insisted the builders do what they can.  Now we wait to see who moves in...gulp!  The plus side is that the noise must surely be nearly over?

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Sue Doran said...

You can't beat a good jellyfish (or a homemade pie!) So glad your nightmare is nearly over and will hope you get nice quiet neighbours, you deserve some peace and quiet!