Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Cat On A Wall...

I've been working solidly for the past few months, mainly on dog portraits.  Whilst they are great fun to do and I never get bored with them, it doesn't do to paint the same thing over and over again without a change as there is a very real chance of your work getting stale and formulaic.  So when I get a couple of days 'spare', I like to paint something else, just to keep my hand in.

This magnificent fellow lives over the road from me, and his favourite perch is up on a garden wall where he can survey his domain!  I've been wanting to paint him for months (and his ginger friend) but never remembered to get a photo or two - luckily the other day my partner had his phone to hand and I was able to get a few reference pics.

This is a watercolour, kept quite simple - had to be as I only had a day or so in which to do it.  The bricks were fun - lots of wet in wet colours sprinkled with salt to get the rough textured look.  Now I have got that out of my system, it's on to the next commission....which is actually a cat.  Oh well!

On the needles: Nativity bits!

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