Sunday, 29 November 2015

Taking A Breather...

 It has been manic the past couple of weeks, lots to be done and deadlines to be met before Christmas.  I just about finished my to-do list by Friday and decided to take a couple of days to catch my breath - just as well, as there is another to-do list to be started on Monday!  In the meantime, I have been fiddling about with Quink ink again - still not happy with the results but I think that is down to my composition rather than the materials.  I will find a way of using this and getting something I'm 100% pleased with.
I started this shawl a few days ago, using Scheepjeswol Sunkissed - a fabulous thin cotton yarn, very soft and very pretty.  This is knitting up quite quickly as it is on larger needles - needs a lot of concentration to follow the chart though.

Next on the easel: a cat portrait
Next on the needles: same cat!
There is also a large bag of holly and ivy that needs making into a wreath...

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