Saturday, 5 March 2016

Feathers & Sketches

A couple of days ago I tidied my desk...that's a bit of a misleading statement as it will never be 'tidy', but I sorted it out, cleaned it up and found a few things I had mislaid.  One was a bag of macaw feathers that we filched from Bird World last year, scrabbling with our fingers through the wire amongst the poop & dirt.  I love macaws, and even their feathers inspire me with their irridescent colours.  I painted a few of the smaller fluffy ones in watercolours, just for fun.

I also came across a couple of sketchbooks which had a few memories hidden away - here's a selection:
 Fuiggi, Italy
 Our old dog, Jasper, & an agapanthus, both sketched one summer in our garden.
 Jasper asleep on the armchair.
 Parrots - no idea where or how I did these but I am loving the central one's expression of bliss as he scratches his head!
 An experiment...
 St. Lucia
 A hibiscus painted in St.Lucia and a hummingbird came to feed as I painted - not a great painting of him, I was too excited and trying to gt it down on paper as fast as I could.
 St. Lucia, Rodney Bay
 St. Lucia
 Another experiment in watercolour
Some vase of flowers or other!

I often say that I don't do sketchbooks, but that's obviously not true - I think it's that the sketchbooks are never finished, I just have numerous half filled ones.

And now all my equipment is set out where I can see it - better do something!


Laura Sparling said...

Lovely stuff, Caroline. The feathers are gorgeous.

Gretel said...

I agree, I love the feathers! And you can never have enough sketchbooks, that's a fact.