Sunday, 21 June 2009

Roses, Puppies & Babies......

The title sounds a bit like a verse of 'My Favourite Things.....'

It's not often I get given a lovely bunch of roses on a Sunday morning (more like never!) so I was really happy to be given this little symphony in pink by my son's girlfriend today. They are homegrown and smell heavenly...and I am really tempted to get the paints out before the end of the day to try and capture them before they fall apart.

There has been a bit of a production line going on this week - three felt puppy sets. I have a commission for one but as there is that summer fair coming up, I thought it was a good idea to replenish my stocks as I had none left. The puppy on the left is a bit of an experiment - you may recognise the giraffe print felt which I hope makes him look like a bi-coloured puppy not a deformed giraffe! I've also used back fastening plastic eyes which are larger than the beads I usually use - I can't decide if I like them or not. What do you think?

Finally, I have completed the above double portrait which is now awaiting posting to it's new owners. This was completed using various coloured pencils, mainly Derwent Drawing - I wish I was not allergic to pastels as this sort of picture could be done so much quicker! Instead, it is a very painstaking process with lots of colour overlays and blending. I'm very pleased with how this came out though - a bit of relief from the potatoes!


natural attrill said...

i like the eyes, they look v. professional.... would potatoes not be in you "My favorite things" then??



Magpie Magic said...

The portrait looks great. :-)

Love the roses. I have a thing about roses and have lots of them growing in the garden.

The little felt sets are looking good too. I actually like the larger eyes, I think they're cuter than the smaller ones. Makes them more look like puppies.

Sallie said...

I like the experimental puppy. He's very cute.

The roses are so pretty. I wish I could smell them.

Lovely double portrait. You are so talented.

natural attrill said...

How lovely to receive those beautiful flowers from your son's girlfriend!

Helz said...

I love those puppies Caroline! And an ace portrait, very very sweet children!

Helz x

Sarah S. said...

lovely potrait - I like the little toddler's hair! sarah