Sunday, 18 December 2016

Fantastic Beasts...

Just when I was getting complacent and thinking I had nothing left to make before Christmas, along came a rush-job commission to design and make a pair of soft toys based on creatures from the new Harry Potter spin off film.  This one is a Niffler... Not having seen the film yet, I was a bit at a loss, especially as photos on the internet were not very good. 
But I think I managed it OK - I kind of cobbled together two patterns that I have, a duck and a bear, and winged it for the rest.
I used my last supply of Gypsy eyelash yarn mixed with plain black DK, which made for a nice furry fabric.  You can't see it amongst the fluff, but he also has a pouch - apparently he stashes his stolen goods in there!
I also had to make on of these - a Bowtruckle.  I crocheted this in cotton, added a pair of bead eyes and embroidered on the mouth.  No pattern, again just winging it.

I'm pleased that a pair of small girls will not be disappointed this year!

As the last post dates are rapidly approaching, I think I can relax a bit now - no chance of completing anything else for Christmas!

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