Monday, 26 December 2016

Post-Christmas Post...

 Well, Christmas is over for another year - I hope you all had a wonderful day full of family, love & laughter and that you got what you wanted under the Christmas tree.  We had a low key but fun day and now the house smells of cooked goose and is sprinkled with glitter. 

One of my presents was a kit to make the characters from Peanuts - who doesn't love Peanuts?  By the evening I had sobered up enough (!) to attempt the first one - Woodstock.  Next up, Snoopy!
A couple of days before Christmas I discovered that I was so well organised I had time to spare, so started a painting.  This is Lurch, a brown bear from Brooks Falls, Katmai National Park, who sadly passed away this summer.  He was a big old bear, full of character and rather anti-social, but I did like him.  I was lucky enough to be given permission to use a photo taken by one of the cam watchers on the site.  I hadn't planned on painting any particular bear but did want a particular pose and this one fitted the bill - it's kind of matching the previous wolf painting - and it's just a bonus that it is of a well-known and loved bear.  This is in acrylic on board.

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