Friday, 11 January 2019

Golden Boy...

 Amongst the other work I have been doing that I can't show just yet, I had this sweet commission before Christmas to make a felt golden saluki.  As you might know, salukis are my favourite dogs - we've had two and they were both gorgeous boys - so this was an absolute delight to take on.

 I have designed this mascot entirely and am very pleased with the end result. 
 He has thread jointed legs, so is completely poseable.  Instead of labouring over the ears and tail using felt, I had a brainwave and knitted them using long eyelash yarn.  After brushing the threads out, I then trimmed them to shape carefully.

 I made the collar out of leather, enbroidered it with gold thread and attached a tassel & beads.  As the mascot only stands 6 inches tall, the collar was probably the most labour intensive part due to it's small size.

I'd forgotten just how much I enjoy making felt animals - I've been working on so much other stuff, they have fallen by the wayside a bit.  However, I do have a miniature felt teddy bear to make next, so that is something to look forward to!

On the knitting wouldn't believe me if I told you!

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