Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Prawn Addict.......

...somebody stop me! These little knitted prawns are so quick to make and so very cute, they have taken over! If you would like a knitted prawn (you know you do!) leave a comment and I'll have a draw at the end of the week.  Then I have an excuse to make another one...or three!

It's that time again when my daughter brings home what she's been making at college.  This time it's the prettiest mosaic mirror.  I'm so proud of her when she accomplishes something like this as I know just how difficult fiddly tasks are for her.  Tomorrow this will be fitted with some picture wire and hung where it can be admired!
I know you've seen this painting before, but I've just had it framed professionally rather than making a bodge of it myself and it has turned out so well.  I went in the frame shop with an idea of how I wanted it done, but after discussion with the lady in there who really knows what she is talking about, it ended up totally different - and far better.  We also had a chat about how you'd think artists would be able to choose the right mount and frame for their work but that they are often quite wrong in their choices. It's certainly true in my case!


fhiona galloway said...

I want a prawn Caroline!!!
Lovely mirror your daughter made-well done to her!
The framed illustration looks ace!

Sallie said...

The prawns are so cute!
Oh, I love the mosaic mirror. Very nice!
The framing on the leopard is perfect. It's so nice to have a framer with a good eye.

Sue Doran said...

I'd like a prawn, please!

Frame is a good choice for your lovely snow leopard.

Stacie's mirror is really good! There used to be a stallholder on the craft market where I sell who did items not dissimilar to this one. It will look lovely hung up; the stars in the corner are a nice touch.

Angela said...

I'd love a prawn! We live in the prawn (shrimp) capital of Texas and it would make such a conversation piece!

soggibottom said...

Your art work would look great in framed in an old bit of cardboard. So who are you kidding :-)
But this does give the puss the posh paws look have to say.
Well, done with the mosaic. I really used to love doing them.
As for the prawns.... no comment this time :-) :-)
I think they might clash with my spud and carrot. :-) x x x Look rather dashing though don't they ?
:-) x

Jo Sacker said...

The prawns are great fun...would love to join the draw :)