Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Copper Fish & some other bits

Last night I got on with a commission for a necklace to match a bracelet I'd given a colleague - can't be bad, give a gift and then make a further sale out of it! It's a silver wire necklace with various pink and clear lampwork beads - very tactile and quite chunky. No more of these, that was a bag of oddments from some bead fair or other and hardly any of them left now.

Then I decided to have a go at making a pendant that I dreamed of a couple of nights ago. That happens to me occasionally, I have better ideas asleep than awake! It's shaped and beaten copper wire,' aged' using heat and hung with a few green glass lampwork beads, all on a brown suede thong. £12 + P&P

I also made the above bracelet - the photo really doesn't do it justice at all. It is with dark blue wire and dark blue AB coated glass beads. Looks very striking when worn and the beads glitter in a lovely contrast to the dark wire. I may just have to make one for myself.....
£7 + P&P

And finally, as the clock crept towards midnight, I made a delicate little bracelet using heat-aged copper wire, vintage copper butterfly charms and some little jade green glass beads. Very pretty and sweet, the beads contrast beautifully with the copper. £10 + P&P

So, feeling a bit tired today but satisfied at getting some jewellery made. Now I have to get back to that portrait.......half-way there!


natural attrill said...

Lots of pretty work here Caroline.
My favourite is the last one, the butterfly bracelet, I like the charms, and also think the colour looks lovely, the copper and turquoise together.
Good luck with your portrait, hope it's going well.

Magpie Magic said...

Great stuff! Bet the lady is pleased with her necklace. :-)

The dark blue bracelet and the butterfly bracelet are both gorgeous. I love carnival beads and the copper butterflies are lovely against the jade green.

Good luck with finishing your portrait.

Raggy Rat said...

one day you shall maketh me a child sized bracelet and i shall be pretty :-)

when i can spot one i cant live without i will ask you :-)

cat xxx

Caroline B said...

Any time Cat, any time!
Caroline x