Wednesday, 11 June 2008


Finally finished a bag I started a week ago - the knitting wasn't the problem, the assemby was. Not difficult, just not very exciting so it got left to one side while I got on with other things. This is knitted in a varigated ribbon & fluffy yarn in shades of purply-pink (that's a technical term, purply-pink, honest!) It has a stocking stitch top with a softly curved garter stitch base, two knitted handles and a knitted rose and leaves decoration. The bag is fully lined with white cotton fabric. There is a large 'popper' to keep it closed. £20 + P&P

And that's just about the last of my amazing bargain yarn from a month ago - just enough cotton tape yarn left for a couple of purses or phone covers.

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Magpie Magic said...

It's lovely! The variegated yarn works really well and I like the flower on the front and the knitted handles. Would love to see the inside as well. :-)

Will it go in your new Etsy shop I wonder? LOL