Friday, 11 July 2008

Been a Boring Blogger!

I seem to be leaving very long gaps between posting on here - how very boring! It's been a tough old week though, hobbling around with my broken toe and back at work, very very tiring. I have been crafting but it's been hindered by falling asleep in the middle most evenings!

However, I have made a mobile phone holder....

...started painting a wooden box with a toucan on the top....

..I have done more to this today. The sides and base are black and the rest of the leaves and flowers have been blocked in with their base colours.

I've been on the hunt for a certain yarn - remember the white handbag with coloured flowers? I have a commission for something else in the same style and of course, not enough yarn and no way of getting it as I bought it at a car boot. After searching all local stores, internet stockists and even E-Bay to no avail, in desperation I sent an e-mail to the Italian company, Adriafil, asking for help. They kindly agreed to send me the right yarn and I got it within 5 days - how's that for service!

So now I am working on something'll see it when it's finished, I would hate to spoil the surprise for the lady I am making it for (my first Etsy commission!)

And here's a picture of some lilies in my garden - aren't they lovely? That was before the torrential downpour of five minutes ago - they are probably lying in a crushed heap on the ground now...


Magpie Magic said...

The mobile phone holder is cute. The perfect present! Hope you're putting it in your Etsy shop. :-)

Fingers crossed your toe will be better very soon.

The wool is lovely - the colours are so gorgeous and bright. Can't wait to see what you're making with it.

Love the lily, hope it survived the downpour. We had thunderstorms and heavy rain all afternoon after a windy sunny morning. Wonder what the weather will throw at us next!

Laura said...

Beautiful wool. So bright!

Looking forward to seeing the toucan box when it's done. Bet it'll be fab!