Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Daisy Bagel Bangle

It seems a long time since I posted anything I've made on here - it's not that I've not been crafting, but the fact that I'm in the middle of about three larger projects. However, after receiving some lovely cotton yarn in the post yesterday, I got to making the above.

It's a bangle, crocheted in a tube using green yarn and then stuffed to help it keep it's shape before being sewn into a circle. I then crocheted seven white daisies with yellow centres and seven leaves and sewed them around the outside. Very fresh and summery - it will be appearing on my Etsy shop later on.

Calling it a bagel was a typo but I quite liked the fact that without the flowers it is bagel shaped, so I think the name should stick!

Projects still in progress: a full length crochet curtain, a watercolour painting and a painted treasure box. Also a jewellery commission to complete and my first commission through Etsy - at least this week I have plenty of spare time in which to get on with them all! (Toe now a lovely shade of purple which is spreading to the surrounding toes....mmmm, nice!)


natural attrill said...

Thats very pretty Caroline, and it would go with my necklace, but, I mustnt buy any more jewellery. Why dont you put the pic of this bangle next to the daisy necklace on your etsy shop, someone might buy them both together.
You sound busy, good luck with all your projects.
Get well soon to toe.

PG said...

oh that IS nice! And so clever; I really can't get my head round crochet, or how people make their own patterns.

Hope your toe is healing, very OWW.