Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Wedding Corsage - Complete!

This is what I have been working on for the past couple of weeks - could you guess from the bits in yesterday's post? It's a commission through Etsy for a wrist-band corsage in the style of my 'Country Garden' handbag.
The search for more of this yarn was entertaining - nowhere in Britain seemed to have any of it, neither could I find it on the internet. I thought I was going to have to use a replacement yarn which wouldn't have had the same effect at all. Finally I e-mailed Adriafil in Italy and asked if they could possibly sell me some directly and within 5 days I had a lovely big parcel of it in my hands.
So I have knitted a wristband in green, sewn it on to canvas for strength and then lined it with cotton fabric. It is fastened with 4 tiny hooks & eyes.

I've crocheted the flowers in pink, orange and white, and this time even crocheted a life-like green back to each flower, stuffed with a little kapok to make it as real in shape as possible, with a crochet stalk. I've knitted leaves and given them stalks too. I then used fabric stiffener to shape the flowers and leaves (see the mess they looked in my previous post!!) After 24 hours waiting for the stiffener to dry, today I could finally sew it all together which was actually a lot easier than I thought - now the flowers retain their shape the construction was simple. I also added a couple of curly crocheted tendrils and a ladybird nestling in one of the daisies.

Finally, I tied some orange organza and some thin green satin ribbons in a bow around the stalks which hang down prettily. I am so pleased with how it has turned out - fresh and funky and a little bit different. Now I have to wait and see if the bride in question approves!!


Magpie Magic said...

It's amazing! Really, really pretty. I am sure the bride in question will love it. It looks like a flower bouquet. Really cool!

Sallie said...

How lovely! I never would have guessed you were making a wedding corsage from the previous photo. It really is pretty.

PG said...

You are so clever and this is so lovely! Fudge fingers that I am, I look at this with awe, and enjoyment. And nice that these flowers will last much longer than any real wedding flowers.

natural attrill said...

This is amazing Caroline!
lovely, lovely..