Friday, 5 September 2008

Banana Silk Bag

In my quest to knit with the most unusual yarns around at the moment, this week's project has been with banana silk. This yarn is made from the fibres within the banana plant which when spun and dyed resemble real silk, but without the weight.

I've knitted this little shoulder bag, which didn't take long at all. I then crocheted simple pink flowers also in banana yarn and scattered them on the front of the bag.

The flowers have a fringe made of frayed silk with a button and bead centre. I then lined the bag with some rather lovely real silk fabric that I picked up today - it's a remnant from unholstery, so has some weight and texture to it and feels terrific.

I then crocheted the bag together, continuing with the yarn to make the shoulder strap.

It's cute and shiny and a bit of fun. You can buy it from my Etsy shop now.

Still slaving away painting the potatoes....although it is still an enjoyable job. My main problem now is finding the time as school is in session once more which means I am back in the day job....sigh!


Magpie Magic said...

That bag is so cute! Love the yarn. I am glad I got some of the green one, too. It's lovely and I like the sheen of it and the way it knits up. Just have to find a suitable project for it now... and for the recycled sari silk, the stinging nettle.... etc. You're not alone in your quest! LOL

PG said...

Lovely colours, and a sweet bag! Banana silk indeed - what will it be next!