Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Catch Up...

No pictures today....sorry! I have just finished a complex project I have been working on but can't show it here until the recipient gets it for their birthday, so I'm afraid you'll have to wait a couple of weeks. It will be worth it!

Thought I'd reply on here to PG's question to my previous post. I'm painting all these potatoes from life - the author brings me round a box of sample 'best' potatoes and I have to put them on a little plant stand I have rigged up and can only really paint them during the day as the light quality makes all the difference. Sometimes I have to go like the clappers - the cut section of one potato was going brown visibly and I had to paint it in the space of half an hour, before doing anything at all to the rest of the painting. Another pair of potatoes were starting to go bad and there was a brown stain moving slowly across them, again the progress was almost visible, so they had to be done in a hurry too.

It's all quite a challenge and still as interesting as ever. I think I have the better end of the deal - the author then has to take all these potatoes back home when I'm finished and cook and eat them so that he can write about their taste and performance. If you think I'll be sick of spuds after 100 of them, consider his position!

I also am in the process of starting to illustrate 2 calendars.......24 pictures over the next 2 months......didn't I say a while back,'be careful what you wish for'? But it's wonderful to get the work.....the extra cash will be so helpful as I feel it's going to be a difficult winter, and I just love to paint!


natural attrill said...

I am looking forward to seeing your 'complex project'!

I excpect it will be very strange for you when you've finished your potato project cos you are painting SO many over a long time, I bet you'll miss them.

Well done getting the calendar job, I hope you managed to negotiate the terms you wanted.


PG said...

I am looking forward to seeing this when it comes out, we grew five varieties of spuds this year and they are all different to use and in flavour.

Well done on the calendars!