Monday, 23 March 2009


I have to admit to being somewhat disappointed in the Stitch & Creative Craft Show last Saturday. Once again the predominant theme seemed to be kits rather than supplies for those of us who make our projects from scratch. If you were into cross-stitch or making cards/scrap-booking, it would have been a paradise, but actual supplies were...well, in short supply! I did manage to pick up a few bargains - the above yarn, with the exception of the purple/blue Habu mohair, was all on offer and I look forward to finding projects for it all.

The Habu yarn was bought at Iknit, a shop just down from Waterloo station and worth a visit if you are into unusual yarns. I'm knitting a wide scarf in a wavy lace pattern and with the slight variations in colour it looks like ripples on water. The yarn is incredibly soft and very high quality. The scarf will be for sale upon completion although it may break my heart to part with it!

I've been knitting a fair few socks lately - some for other people, but the above pair will be for me. They are in a Trekking yarn in the exotic shade of 'Tonga'. I hate slippers but get very cold feet and have discovered hand-knitted socks are the answer.

Finally, the zebras are still ongoing - I worked two hours on the water yesterday and still have a lot of work to go. I'd forgotten just how long these paintings take...


Magpie Magic said...

I love your blue Habu, it's gorgeous. The other yarn you found looks very nice too, especially like the variegated pink and green yarns.

The sock is cool too. Very bright. LOL Is that to wake you up in the morning or to help you not fall asleep over your knitting?

The zebras are looking great. It doesn't look spoiled to me at all. I bet it will be totally fab when it's all done.

Sallie said...

I love the yarns you picked up. Such beautiful colors.

I really like Trekking yarn for socks. They always knit up so smooth and even.

Zebras...oh my! That painting is looking absolutely fabulous!