Thursday, 26 March 2009

A Zillion Zebras

Yesterday I completed the zebra painting at last. Considering the amount of stripes, it hasn't actually taken that long to paint, particularly as I had to take a break in the middle to fulfill a commission. A few days ago I thought I had completely ruined this by messing up the water, but after a couple of days away from it (and a stressful situation at home being alleviated) I could see that all that needed to be done was to calm down the colours I had used with a wash of Indanthrene Blue to bring it all together. I'm now champing at the bit to start a cheetah in acrylics.....

Yesterday also saw the above scarf/wrap completed successfully. It is knitted using Japanese Habu mohair yarn in a beautiful slightly varigated violet blue. This yarn has to be seen to be believed, it is incredibly light and soft with a slight sheen to it. I have used a simple wavy lace pattern, and the whole thing looks like an undulating stream, with the lights and darks accentuating the ripples. This will be for sale on Etsy later on in the day - if you'd like to grab it first, it will be £30 plus p&p.

Finally, yesterday the post delivered to me the above fabric from The African Fabric Shop. It is actually from Africa and printed on a soft cotton. I will eventually be making a zebra, but this project is on hold until the Easter break when I will be less stressed and have the time to devote to it - it would be a disaster to waste such a special fabric!


Laura said...

The zebras are wonderful, Caroline. Totally brilliant.

And that scarf is gorgeous!

Magpie Magic said...

The finished Zebra painting is fantastic! Looks really really good. I love the feeling of heat and sun in the painting.

The scarf is so pretty. A shame the picture doesn't show the amazing softness and depth of colour or the silkiness of the yarn. This is the Rolls Royce of yarns!

The fabric looks great. Can't wait ot see what you'll do with it! :-)

Great news that they have updated the website, too.

Sallie said...

The zebras came out so perfect. You are so talented.
The scarf is lovely. I love the color.
Fun fabric! I can't wait see what you do with it.

natural attrill said...

Your painting is just amazing, you are so talented Caroline. Dont know how you painted so many stripes, would drive me mad(der)