Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Time to Re-Stock!

Having just sold the absolutely last felt puppy set I had, it is now time to make some more as people do seem to like these. I have made a little pup in buff coloured felt, with the usual button-jointed poseable legs and little felt collar with its MOP ID disc. He comes with a cerise padded bed lined with fabulous Japanese cotton printed with miscroscopic pictures of dogs. For the time being the accessories are a bowl (with a button bone inside) a tin of dog chow and a toy - I had to give up and go to bed without making the packet of dog biscuits last night!

As soon as I have completed the last accessory, he will be going on Etsy for re-homing.

1 comment:

Magpie Magic said...

That's sweet. :-)

Looked at your shop and I think you should make some accessories to go with the crochet cats and dogs too - just list them separately for people to buy or offer the option of having the crochet dogs/cats as keyrings or handbag charms. I think they'd sell really well that way.