Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Over the years I have represented my dogs in all sorts of way - paint, pencil, felt, knitted....and now crochet!

My saluki is such a lovely looking dog, it is always fun to create something in his image. I had this bright idea when I got home from work yesterday - little did I know it would take up the rest of the evening until nearly midnight. That's what you get for being such a stickler for detail I guess.

He's made using the basic Amigurumi techniques, but I have also sewn on extra yarn to his ears and tail to get the right look. He has a red felt collar with a tassle on it too - all good salukis must have their tassel (except mine, he hates them and chews them off!)

He has fully jointed legs and the pose of him in 'play' position makes me laugh - it really does look like the actual dog!

This little saluki will be on Etsy later on - everyone should have the chance to own a saluki, especially one that doesn't raid the bins, run off after wildlife and hog the sofa!


Magpie Magic said...

Cute! You are getting good at making your own designs. :-)

natural attrill said...

He's really lovely Caroline!

Sallie said...

Absolutely perfect! Great job with the saluki.

Anonymous said...


I have a black Saluki myself and love crochet! Can I ask for the pattern instructions?