Sunday, 17 May 2009

Spring Cleaning and What I Found!

The state of the dining area in my kitchen was appalling....boxes and bags of all my crafting supplies and finished projects stacked high, the dining table barely visible under a sea of beads, papers, sewing machine and the like. It had got to the point where even if we wanted to sit at the table, there was no way we could even approach it. So this morning I had the time and energy to have a go at it all. Two hours later, it's still very jam-packed, but marginally tidier, a lot cleaner and we can sit down without fighting through cones of wool and boxes of acrylics (not all the mess was mine by the way - we are a family of arts & crafters & could do with a studio each!)

So although I'm not completely satisfied, (we wouldn't make the pages of House Beautiful in a million years) I am very pleased that in the process I managed to find a few hidden treasures made several years ago which should really be up for sale. The main one being the above knitted linen lace shawl that took me months, I mean months, of very hard work. I wasn't such an experienced knitter back then and lace really was a labour of love.

It is very soft and delicate, has a lovely natural scent from the pure linen yarn, and looking at it I can hardly believe it came from my own fingers!

The other couple of finds are two necklaces which I may well have shown here at the time but which have remained hidden in a box as I think they were a bit too 'out there' for the ladies in my little Hampshire town! Check them out on my Etsy store and see what you think - if you like fish or sheep, they may be just the thing for you!


soggibottom said...

This is beautiful.
Obviously ment to be lost and then found again.

Sallie said...

That shawl is lovely.

Magpie Magic said...

This is lovely. Pattern please!!! :-)