Saturday, 19 September 2009

Here's My Little Cotton Rabbit......and me in a hat!

Thank goodness the postal strikes don't seem to have affected us here - my little cotton rabbit prize, Gracie to her friends, arrived this morning. She was made by Julie, whose wonderful work you can see over on her LCR blog. I was so pleased to find out just how small and delicious these little bunnies are, and so beautifully made. She's poking her nose out of the box here because I haven't finished playing with her (!) or yet decided where she will live - it has to be somewhere just right! (Her little toy bunny in her pocket is about the size of a large peanut shell - too cute for words...)

I finished the Noro cloche hat last night and am very pleased with it. This one is all mine, but if you would like something similar, just e-mail me and let me know. I'm about to be very brave and show you the front view....I hate showing photos of me, so please be kind and remember it's the hat you are looking at!

This hat will certainly keep out the winter winds as it covers just about everything, as well as being just a bit more stylish than the average bobble hat!


fhiona galloway said...

oh sweet little bunny Caroline-she does doe some lovely work.
Your hat is very cute too I especially like the way the olive green and pink colours work together.
Is that a slight smirk I detect there on your lips :0))

Magpie Magic said...

The bunny is VERY sweet. Well deserved win after all you've been through the last couple of weeks. There must be some justice somewhere.

Love the hat and the flower works really well. The colours and shape really suit you.

Caroline B said...

Yes Fhi, trying not to laugh there at the absurdity of my attempts to photograph myself, camera at arms length in front of a mirror in order to see the camera took a while!

Nunt said...

What a cute little w-wabbit :) And a great hat! Although, true to Noro, the blue color on top makes a similar effect to me like fingernails on a blackboard... There is always something in each skein of Noro that I simply do NOT like! :D Good thing, I wouldn't have money to spend on it anyway...

Oh, and my friend keeps on saying: "Just wait until he eats his first couch, our dog only ate 2..." I cringe at that every time - so far he has kept his teeth away from anything expensive.

soggibottom said...

Love the bun and WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU..... I always make sure Amie is infront of any of the pictures of me I post. Your beautiful........the hat's not bad either. So good I would love the pattern.