Sunday, 27 September 2009

Lace Marathon Complete!

When I undertook this shawl, I thought it would be relatively easy - nice simple repeating pattern for the main body, interesting pointy edging round the outside. What I wasn't prepared for was the length of time it would take me to knit due to the sheer size of the thing! I think this has taken almost a month of evening knitting, give or take a few days when I did other things.

It has been knitted in some vintage Shetland 2 ply which is a rich creamy ivory shade. Before blocking, it looked like something the dog had chewed up and spat out, but once it had been washed and stretched the magic happened. It doubled in size, the patterns evened out and it took on the appearance of a piece of spiderweb, so light and delicate.

This will be in my Etsy shop later on today, but due to the hours put in to it, it will be quite pricey but a definite heirloom piece.

Now that the potato illustrations are drawing slowly to a close ( Number 80 today) I have taken the luxury of booking a well-earned holiday for later on this year. We couldn't go to Athens as my sister had other commitments - and sitting amidst the burnt remnants of a once lovely forest was too sad to even contemplate. Instead we are going to..........drum roll please.....Boston! So if any of you have been to Boston or live in Boston, any tips on where to go, what to see, where to eat, how to get about, etc., please do leave me a comment. This will be our first time in the USA so we will be complete tourists - I'm so excited!!


natural attrill said...

its amazing!

natural attrill said...

its amazing!

Magpie Magic said...

What a GORGEOUS shawl. It would make a perfect shawl for a bride.

I love the way the pattern turned out.

Congratulations on potato No 80. Not many more to go...

Sallie said...

Lovely shawl. So light and airy.

soggibottom said...

Have a REALLY GREAT TIME Caroline, shawl is to die for and I REALLY WILL look for a postcard from Boston. x x x x x x x .....just have a good time x

natural attrill said...

Lovely work caroline, that shawl is gorgeous.
Have a fantastic time in Boston!