Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Hurtling Towards Us Like A Freight Train.........

....that's Christmas of course!  I cannot believe how fast it is approaching and how unready I am all of a sudden.
 Now that all outstanding commissions and preparations for Xmas fairs are over, I have been able to complete this scarf.  It is knitted in Bergere de France Coton Fifty in a soft sage green.  It's a nice length, could be used as a light wrap in the summer as well.  I just love the stitch pattern in this - very effective and almost looks as good on the wrong side as it does on the front.

I shall be putting this up for sale at today's Christmas Fair, after which it will be going on Etsy.

My daughter has been at it again at college - here is a selection of her handiwork over the past term -

 She has also squirrelled away some wrapped packages for Christmas Day - I can't wait to see what else she has produced.

There is a similar post about her work on my other blog - excuse the duplication!

I am about to close my Etsy shop for the day - I will be at Tavistock Infant School with my wares this afternoon and would hate to sell something on Etsy that I have already sold there.  Business will resume as usual this evening (GMT).


SilverNikNats said...

love that scarf very elegant!

Jo Sacker said...

I love those Christmas tree's Stacie, they could adorn any craft stand at any craft fair! Really love your scarf too Caroline.

soggibottom said...

You should have looked ahead like Stacie Caroline :-).... Lovely, lovely, lovely scarf. :-) xxx. Very elegant door too.

natural attrill said...

Well done to Stacie, I especially like those xmas trees.